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Weight Gain

Weight gain::
Tips for weight gain
Don’t drink water before meals. Because it will fill your stomach and make it harder to get enough calories.
Have to eat more often.
Drink milk.
Take weight gainer shakes.
Take bigger plates to add cream to your coffee.
Get quality sleep.
Surprising reason for gaining weight:
If we start taking more calories than usually cutting back on exercise u wouldn’t be surprised if the scale crept higher. If everything doing the same daily then the weight goes up still.
: Lack of sleep:
In this, there are two types of work with sleep and weight gain. Firstly if you are late up means the odds are greater doing which means more calories while late-night snaking. The other reason was what’s going in our bodies when we’re sleep-deprived. Changes in hormone levels increase hunger and appetite and make you feel not as full after eating.
stressing Life demands go too intense for our bodies in survival mode. the stress hormone is secreted which causes an increase in appetite. We reach our high-calorie comfort food in times of stress as well.
If you do gain weight:
Don’t stop medications without consulting doctors. It may take critical to your health.
: Don’t compare yourself with other people while taking drugs because some experience gives side effects on the same drug.

You check with your doctor about another drug to take. The doctor can switch you to another medication that might not have the same side effects

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