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When he left me

when he left me ….




everyone has some kind of sweetness. but it is really important to know how much to wear that sweetness. and how that sweetness is also related to all the situations


but, they say no !!  of any kin

no matter what the product, too much sweetness can be dangerous

the true meaning is the same as the saying “there is so much soil”


i had done some matches like that to

my name is raghini.  b.ed first year. my friend from school time “kunal” he and i made the same resolution.  that, we will get a good education and apply for a job. at the same time, we will give the idea of our marriage to our family


i used to go to college without any worries.  but just as cautious outside of college. because the family didn’t want to give us an idea of it at the moment. because now our goal was to be achieved. all of these things could go wrong inside. that’s why we were strangers outside. and even my grandfather wasn’t here.  however, he had given this responsibility to all his friends. it was to keep an eye on my


if anything looked bad, he could talk to me there. and i didn’t even know half of my grandfather’s friends. kunal sometimes felt like spending time alone with me outside.  but looking at all the things, then we have to make a decision. we often go out together. we miss each other. we meet every day. but we both liked to meet like that. putting our hands together, just talking, looking at each other’s eyes in a secluded place.  feeling we have ‘run out of gas’ emotionally


i was able to take care of myself but kunal was stubborn. once it was raining outside to meet and talk. kunal decided to go for a long drive. i explained that my grandfather has come today. so i have to go home early. but he started to be stubborn.  that i will leave you right away. and i was ready for his stubborn feet too. and we went on a long drive with full face cover. the beauty of nature was even more captivating. we enjoyed all that


when i came back, i felt that someone was standing in front of me.  he was trying to stop the car. as we approached him, i realized that he was no one else but my grandfather. i told kunal that he was my grandfather


my grandfather was angry. but he spoke very slowly

raghini, come here. who is this? and where are you coming from? you went to college. grandpa, i did that …. !!!.  kunal dada stood in front of me and started talking. dada calmed him down by showing his hand and said i am talking to my sister. you keep quiet

he started trying to speak again. as soon as dada got angry, his friend stopped him. and dada came home with me. and i sat on dada’s car looking at kunal and left


the idea came to both of them that something bad was going to happen. but at that time their heads were cold. when they reached home, dada asked everything in front of mother and father. and then my phone stopped ringing outside the house for no reason.  grandpa’s friend started coming.  there kunal tried his best to talk to me or to know about that day. but he did not agree


but one day we talked in the canteen. at that time i informed kunal about everything that happened at home and told him that it is not possible to meet you now. and now dada also kept the phone so i told him clearly that nothing is possible.  he was not in the mood. he came home and said that he was constantly talking but the situation at home was not the same as before. i warned him to keep quiet for a few days so that nothing bad would happen


i was explaining to myself. but i was constantly worried about kunal. because i knew he was stubborn. he didn’t talk to me

i knew in that look that he had become accustomed to me, but in the present situation i could not do anything. sometimes he wondered if i had not supported his stubbornness that day.  can


i had no idea what kunal was going through. i had heard that he was in his room at home. he was not talking to anyone. i tried to reach him through his friends. but he was not ready to talk to anyone. he blamed himself for all this.  it was known that everything had gone wrong. i started seeing new children every month. something went wrong


in the meanwhile the exam came but even then i did not meet kunal. and one morning i heard that kunal was hanging in his room in his house. there is no ground under my feet.  and he took me closer. i started blaming him. and he started urging me to take him hom


grandpa was looking at me. and he calmed my mother and took me there. when i went there, when i saw kunal, i could not believe that he was my kunal.  i started to get angry with myself. his mother was constantly talking. he was living alone. he was not saying anything about what was going on in his head. he didn’t open the door even after making noise for a long time. so he broke the door and kunal was strangling him.  she was crying. grandpa told me to come and i got out of there. everything changed in a minute. now it seemed as if i was living for what i was living for. the person with whom i had dreamed had given up so quickly. he didn’t even try to understand anything.  the only way to end his life was to find it easier


grandpa was thinking of me because i blamed him for everything. somewhere he was also thinking that all this really happened because of me?  i went to my grandfather who was recovering because i had lost one and now i don’t want to lose the other because of your behavior. i told him, “grandpa, i’m sorry, there is nothing wrong with you about what i told you. you did your duty.  you didn’t say anything to him


don’t blame yourself. and yet he kept on saying sorry to me. it was very difficult for me to get kunal’s thoughts out of my mind. every one of his memories would blow my sleep away. it went on like this for a couple of years. grandpa forbade baba to bring any child during that time.  i had a lot of support from my family. they were afraid that i would forget myself in kunal’s memory


one day grandpa brought a boy with his own identity to see me. he had already told him everything. when he was coming to see me. grandpa told me he believes in me but once i met him. and i said yes to his visit for grandpa. everyone at home was happy.  my mother made me a nice sari wear. because in so many days i had almost forgotten


when he came home, his grandfather introduced his name as “swapnil”. i was called. he saw me. but i am not there yet

grandpa asked the two of us to talk together. and we went to my room. he started. i dreamed. i like it like this. what do you like? it was all his questions.  you never looked at me. look, i know what happened to you. i looked at him. he said, “grandpa told me everything, and yet i came to see you.


i have also faced all the situations somewhere. but there is no way to fall in love with a person and end one’s life for him.  in the end, life goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on  i can’t forget that your love was immense. but the reason for this was that kunal was thinking that it was all due to one mistake. if he sees you like this now, he will still think that because of me  you can’t go ahead even now. today he will blame himself. it is up to you what you want to do. until today you have thought for yourself. once you have thought for your own happiness, think for your people


i realized that my behavior was worrying everyone in the house. i asked swapnil if you would support me to get me out of this and he put his hand in front of me.  i will never leave you. trust me and i put my hand in his


when he left, my grandfather came in immediately, hugged me and started crying. thank you …… ragini

you acquitted me today ….. thank you very much. and we both started laughing and crying together


the same joy of that day brought all of me closer to me



self-written fiction …. finished



preeti ghasle … thank you…



Preeti Ghasle … Thank you

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