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Women – The creative force

Woman, She’s the creative force of all the macrocosm in nearly all it in her guiding hands and tender care that it finds expression. The reach of her arms can give succor to numerous at formerly and just one clinch from her could heal everything from a broken knee to a broken heart. She works relentlessly, frequently putting in further hours than are there in one single day mincing, drawing, cooking, nursing, and still managing to look fresh all the time. She essays different places, that of mama, wife., son, friend, counselor, all at formerly; juggling it all to perfection. She can multitask-one observance on the phone, one eye on the TV, the other keeping watch on the haze on the cookstove, one observance constantly on alert just in case the baby wakes, and one hand mixing dough. Surely she’s preternatural, a goddess, and no less. Her varied rates make you look at her in admiration. When you’re sick she nursers you, just a win stroking your brow has the power to make you feel good, warm, secure, and loved all at the same time. When you come home tired and defeated she takes you into her arms and quite your fears. As a mama, she relentlessly toils, playing psychiatrist, croaker, maid, and confidante to the children. Whether it’s their favorite lunch or a design at the academy or a justice match she’s always there for them. She gives unconditional, Loves beyond reason, and remission to you time and time. She has a binary personality. Nearly every woman has two personalities. She can be helpless, jiggling, and vulnerable on one hand and be strong and reliable on the other.

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take care someone, that’s only for you take care of me all that time, Every moment I spent with you keep those memories with me, which I have woven with you all the time take care of my own self, I cherish the one who is only with you you keep me those memories in…

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