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World environment day

World environment day

June 5th is celebrated as world environment day all over the world. It is a day to spread awareness about protecting the environment. June 5th was declared as world environment day by the un General assembly at the stock holm conference on human environment in 1972. World environment day is a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually.

Annual themes and major initiatives and accomplishments:-

For most 5 decades, the world environment has been raising awareness, supporting action and driving change for the environment.
2005- The theme for the 2005 world environmental day was ” Green cities ” and the slogan was ‘ plant for the planol ‘ .
2006- Here for 2006 was deserts and desertification and slogan was ‘ don’t deserts drylands ‘ .
2007- For 2007 melting ice during the international polar year. Hereby the slogan was city of troms.
2008- Here for 2008 was New Zealand with the main international celebrations scheduled for wellington slogan was carbon dioxide, knick the habit.
2009- The theme was ” your planet needs you- unite to combat climate change ” .
2010- Many species one planet. One future was the theme.
It celebrated the diversity of life on earth as part of the international year of biodiversity.
2011- The world environment day of 2011 was hosted by India nature at your service. Thousands of activities were organized worldwide.
2012- Theme was the green economy and the activities and lifestyle and see how the concepts of a green economy.
2013- The theme was think. Eat. Save. This campaign brings about awareness in countries with lifestyle.
2014- it was international year of social island developing states .the slogan was raise your voice not the sea level.
2015- The slogan was seven billion dreams. One planet consume with care. The slogan was picked through a voting on social media.
2016- The 2016 wed was organized under the themes ” go wild for life ” .
2017- The theme was connecting people to nature- In city and on the land from the poles to the equator.
2018- The theme was beat plastic pollution.
2019- Beat air pollution was the theme it hosts nation was China.
2020- The theme was time for nature and was hosted in Colombia.
2021- The theme was ecosystem restoration and hosted by Pakistan.

World environment day anthem:

Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl
The most beautiful planet in the universe

All the continents and all oceans
United we stand as flora and fauna
United we stand as species of one earth.
Different cultures, beliefs, and ways
We are humans, the earth is our
Home all over the people and the nations
Of the world.
All for one for all united we unfurl the blue marble flag.

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