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World Milk Day Quiz || Amazon Quiz

World Milk Day Quiz

World Milk Day Quiz

  1. In 2001, World Milk Day was established by which organisation, part of the United Nations?

a. FAO.
d. WHO.

Answer. a. FAO.

  1. Leading up to World Milk Day 2021, a virtual rally named what is being held which encourages people to talk about a specific theme each day?

a. #Milkmadness.
b. #Enjoydairy.
c. #Dairydelight.
d. #Knowmilk.

Answer. b. #Enjoydairy.

  1. Drinking milk can help improve your health in which of these ways?

a. It is nutrient rich.
b. It is a rich source of protein.
c. It is beneficial for bone health.
d. All of these.

Answer. d. All of these.

  1. Happy Flap is an intelligent sampling platform from which country, that created campaign for clients to reach consumers on World Milk Day?

a. Spain.
b. India.
c. New Zealand.
d. Australia.

Answer. b. India.

  1. Which of these was another nickname given to Verghese Kurien – the ‘Father of the White Revolution’ in India?

a. Milkman of India.
b. Kamdhenu.
c. The Milk Messaiah.
d. The Dairy Driver.

Answer. a. Milkman of India.

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